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WHERE THE LION TROD by Clinton Keeling

Edited by John Adams

ISBN 978-0-9531588-6-7

Published by The Bartlett Society 2019.

A4 format, hardcover, 146 pages, fully illustrated. £24.95


WHERE THE LION TROD by Clinton Keeling

Edited by John Adams

Where the Lion Trod is an account of some of the long-closed zoological gardens of the British Isles. While a few of these are well known and well documented, such as the Tower of London and the Menagerie in Knowsley Park, the majority are not; the histories of zoological gardens from Cardiff to Rosherville and Halifax to Cheltenham are recorded here.

Where the Lion Trod was originally produced by Clam Publications in 1984 - the year that The Bartlett Society was founded by Clinton Keeling - to record the history of a number of long-closed zoological collections in the UK. The original work was typed with two fingers by Clinton Keeling, corrected by his wife, Pam, and, after an initial photo-copy run, was individually copied to order. This book, along with the subsequent "Where the..." books, has long been out of print. Clinton soon discovered that there were many more "unrecorded" zoological gardens with the consequence that eight further "Where the..." books were written during the following nineteen years. Subject to demand, The Bartlett Society aims to republish these over the next few years.

Pam Keeling kindly agreed to The Bartlett Society re-publishing this book on the understanding that the original text and hand-drawn illustrations were retained. This has given us the opportunity to re-present the book with, for every chapter, the addition of notes and an appendix listing the species mentioned at each collection. Through the book there are over forty new illustrations plus a comprehensive index.

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