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Special publications

From time to time, when suitable material is produced and funds allow, the society publishes one-off special publications. To date, these include the following:
  • A Chronology of the Zebras of Belle Vue, Manchester by David Barnaby (1997)
  • Old London Zoo: A Selection of Early Postcard Scenes by Nick Thompson (1997)
  • An Album of Animal Studies - photographs by Laurie Murray (1998) 
  • The Elephants of Belle Vue by David Barnaby (2001)
  • Quagga Quotations - A Quagga Bibliography by David Barnaby (2001)
  • Menagerie Miscellany - Six Essays - Two Authors by Roger Edwards and Clinton Keeling (2006)
  • Animals in the Blood - The Ken Smith Story by Russell Tofts (2012)
  • Ligers, Tigons and Other Hybrid Mammals by C.H. Keeling, edited by Russell Tofts (2016)

Published in co-operation with the Bartlett Society: 
  • Letters to Mr Tegetmeier: From J Cossar Ewart and others to the Editor of The Field at the turn of the nineteenth century - edited by David Barnaby (2004)


Letters to Mr Tegetmeier                                                        £5 + postage

Animals in the Blood: The Ken Smith Story                    £16.99 + postage

Ligers, Tigons and Other Hybrid Mammals                    Free to members (p&p to be paid); £16.99 (post free) to non-members

If you are interested in purchasing any of our publications please email for availability, prices and payment details.