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Guidebooks: Rest of the World

Country Collection Cover Year Comments
BELGIUM Antwerp Zoo Eastern lowland gorilla late 1980s English/German language
" Antwerp Zoo Giraffe 1990
CHINA Shanghai Zoological Park Snub-nosed monkey, giant panda, tiger, etc. #1986
DENMARK Copenhagen Zoo Polar bear and cub (c)1988 English/German language
FRANCE CERZA - Les Felins d'Auneau Tiger and cubs, caracal, etc. dr. (c)1998
" Parc Zoologique de Paris Giraffe #1978
" Parc Zoologique de Paris Giraffes (c)1998 p.9: Giant panda
GERMANY Augsburg Zoo Tiger (c)1992 7th. ed.
" Berlin Zoo Young gorilla #2000 2nd International edition
" Cologne Zoo Jaguar 1980
" Cologne Zoo Young bonobo 1985
" Cologne Zoo Aquarium: Piranhas #1989 4th. ed.
" Duisburg Zoo Young orang-utan 1984 14th. ed.
" Tierpark Hagenbeck, Hamburg Elephant, giraffe, flamingoes dr. 1990
" Tierpark Hagenbeck, Hamburg Giraffes #2002
" Hannover Zoo Children and chimpanzee #1995
" Allwetterzoo Munster Blue-and-gold macaws #1992
HUNGARY Budapest Zoo Close-up of elephant sculpture from zoo gate #1996 English language
NETHERLANDS Artis Zoo, Amsterdam Grevy's Zebras (c)2001 English language
" Apenheul Squirrel Monkey #1994
" Burgers' Zoo, Arnhem Views of Burgers' Bush, Desert, Ocean and Safari 2000
" Diergaarde Blijdorp, Rotterdam Giraffe #1978 English/French/German language
SOUTH AFRICA Port Elizabeth Oceanarium Leerfish dr. #1960 "Temporary guide"
SWITZERLAND Basel Zoo Somali wild ass ca. 1995 History up to 1994
" Zurich Zoo Red pandas (c)1992
UNITED STATES Zoo Atlanta Leopards (c)1969
" Cincinnati Zoo Crowned crane (c)1986
" Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Gorilla (c)1998
" Pittsburgh Zoo Orang-utan (c) 1993
" San Diego Wild Animal Park Heart of Africa: Giraffe under tree dr. (c)1997
San Diego Wild Animal Park Condor Ridge: Californian condor dr. (c)2000