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Lucien Levy

SET NAME: Lucien Levy (LL)
PUBLISHER: Lucien Levy
CARD SIZE: Standard
COLOUR: Various - see notes
DATE: Unknown
NOTES: The LL London Zoo postcards are a sub-set of the huge LL London series by Lucien Levy.

According to an article in Picture Postcard Monthly (March 1998) the zoo postcards occupy numbers 725-761 and 928-940. In addition, numbers 659-664 feature views of Regent’s Park; at least one of these (663) depicts the zoo entrance (unfortunately, this article did not supply a list of all the cards)

These postcards were variously issued with the images in colour, sepia and black & white, with most (probably all?) occurring in both colour and monochrome versions. There is often a slight difference between the photographs featured on the cards, even when the numbers and captions are the identical; maybe a camel has turned its head, an elephant has walked a few paces, a lion has opened its mouth etc. - these variations are noted in the comments column. Sometimes, also, the cards have been reprinted with slightly different captions. In addition, these cards were issued in a variety of formats with different coloured backs, captions in different typefaces etc, so the series can be further sub-divided into a number of different sets.

+F indicates cards known with a French caption
+S indicates cards known with a spelling variation

663 Entrance to the Zoological Gardens Horses and carts (a) to the left and right, and (b) in the distance
725 The Lion Lion's mouth (a) open, and (b) closed +F
726 The Lion Lion's eyes (a) open, and (b) closed +F
727 The Elephant - "Refusing to Bathe" Elephant's tail (a) close to body, and (b) away from body +F +S
728 The Elephant - "Obedience" +S
729 The Elephant Ride
730 The Elephant Ride Elephant walking (a) to the left, and (b) to the right
731 The Elephant Ride Elephant facing (a) the front, and (b) to the left +F
732 The Elephant Ride +F
733 The Elephant Ride - "A Busy Day"
734 The Elephant at Work Elephant's trunk (a) raised, and (b) lowered +F
735 The Camel Ride Girl on neck and (a) people in distance, (b) no people in distance; (c) Boy on neck
736 The Camel Ride Camel facing (a) to the left, and (b) to the right
737 Camels +F
738 The Bear
739 The Bear Bear's mouth (a) open, and (b) closed +F
740 Hippopotamus - "Sulky" +F +S
741 The Sea Lions Sealion's flippers (a) showing, and (b) not showing +F
742 Watching the Polar Bears
743 The Polar Bears (a) One standing, one sitting (b) Both standing +F
744 The Polar Bears +F
745 Giraffes +F
746 A Giraffe
747 Zebras and Giraffes
748 ?
749 "Indian Tiger" or "Indian Tiger (Presented by H.R.H. The Prince of Wales)" or "Indian Tiger (Presented by H.M. The King)" Tiger's tail (a) curled, and (b) straighter +F
750 Rhinoceros "More Please" +F
751 Hippopotamus "Hungry" Giraffe's head (a) above, and (b) below, the top of the railings +F
752 Penguins Right's hand bird's beak (a) open, (b) closed, and (c) pointing upward
753 Talking to the Parrots
754 The Sea Eagle Eagle's claws (a) clearly visible, and (b) only partly visible
755 Storks
756 The Eland +F
757 ?
758 Vultures
759 The Lawn
760 The Camel House
761 Persian Deer +F
928 The Llama Ride +S
929 A Tiger
930 A Tiger
931 Black Ape - "Up a Tree" +S
932 Apes - "Brothers"
933 ?
934 Baby Elephants F
935 The Zebra
936 ?
937 The Camels
938 Camel Riding
939 Camel Riding
940 Giraffes