Marwell Wildlife: Notes


  1. Includes both normal and white forms of Bennett's Wallaby.

  2. Two pairs of Leopards arrived in 1970, two years before the zoo opened to the public. Although sometimes stated as subspecific hybrids, this is probably untrue. The first pair to arrive were "Eric" and "Suzy", captive born in Leipzig Zoo and believed at the time to be pure African Leopards (stated as "not a hybrid" on their individual records).  The idea that they were subspecific hybrids may have arisen because originally there were considered to be several races of African Leopard, whereas most taxonomists these days tend to lump them all together. The second pair were considered to be Indian Leopards, also zoo-bred in East Germany. The first melanistic leopard arrived in 1976.

  3. For many years the Greylag Geese constituted a free-flying flock: in effect, wild birds. From 2011 this species was no longer regarded as part of the captive collection.

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  5. Includes both normal grey and white forms of Greater Rhea.

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       7.  Includes melanistic form of Jaguar. The first black Jaguar, "Tunja", arrived in 1978 and died in 1983.