Elephantidae Gray, 1821

Taxon Date Location Notes
Asian Elephant
Elephas maximus Linnaeus, 1758
May 1977 Chester Chester Zoo News and Guide, May 1977. The male calf was born to Nobby and Judy and was named Jubilee. He was transferred to Belfast Zoo in 1998 and died there in 2003 during an operation on a broken tusk. London August 1902 stillborn (the mother arrived pregnant from Sanger's Circus). Chester Zoo News and Guide, May 1977: "Sheba", our other female elephant (Elephas maximus), gave birth to a female calf in October, 1974 which died a few hours after birth.
African Bush Elephant
Loxodonta africana (Blumenbach, 1797)
May 1982 Howletts Friends of Howletts and Port Lympne: Help Newsletter No. 5 (1983), p22: Any "first" in animal breeding is gratifying, but the fact that this was the first birth in the country was doubly pleasing. The female calf was born to Bwana and Masa and was named Sabi. She lived at Howletts until her unexpected death after an acute illness in 1989.