Equidae Gray, 1821

Taxon Date Location Notes
Nubian Wild Ass
Equus asinus africanus Heuglin and Fitzinger, 1866
1886* London Edwards (1996) p138: This species bred very readily at London Zoo (foals being born in 1886, 1887, 1889, 1891, 1892 and 1894) which makes its presumed extinction all the more regrettably unnecessary.
Somali Wild Ass
Equus asinus somalicus P. L. Sclater, 1885
Jul 1996 Marwell Independent Zoo Enthusiasts Society Newsletter, September 1996: Marwell have announced the birth on 16th July of a Somali Wild Ass. These are the only ones of their kind kept in the U.K. and director John Knowles is of the belief that this may be a first U.K. captive breeding.
Damara Zebra
Equus burchellii antiquorum C. H. Smith, 1841
? ? Further research required.
Grant's Zebra
Equus burchellii boehmi Matschie, 1892
? ? Further research required.
Burchell's Zebra
Equus burchellii burchellii (Gray, 1824)
Jul 1831* London Verstraete, A. P. in The Bartlett Society Newsletter, May 2000: 17/7/1831 A Burchell's Zebra was born at the Zoo. The mother and foal were sent to the Farm 15/9/1831. The Zoological Society of London's farm was at Kingston in Surrey and was used for acclimitisation research.
Chapman's Zebra
Equus burchellii chapmanni Layard, 1866
Jul 1865 London Edwards (2012) p154. The dam was imported in 1861 and was the first Chapman's Zebra to arrive in the UK.
Przewalski's Horse
Equus caballus przewalskii Poliakov, 1881
ca.1903 Woburn Many sources.
Grévy's Zebra
Equus grevyi Oustalet, 1882
1907 Woburn The Field. London first bred this species in July 1908.
Syrian Wild Ass
Equus hemionus hemippus I. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1855
May 1869* London Flower (1929) p250 as E. hemippus: A male was born in the Gardens 12 May, 1869.
Equus hemionus khur Lesson, 1827
Oct 1896E London Flower (1929) p250 as E. indicus: Three born in the Gardens, on 1 Oct. 1896, 25 June, 1911, and 3 June, 1914, respectively.
Equus hemionus kulan (Groves and Mazák, 1967)
Jun 1909* Woburn The Bartlett Society Newsletter, July 1999.
Equus hemionus onager Boddaert, 1785
? ? Further research required.
Equus kiang Moorcroft, 1841
Late 1890sE Woburn Hastings (1949) p282. London first bred this species in 1911.
Mountain Zebra
Equus zebra Linnaeus, 1758
ca.1774* Cobham 1 Lever (1992) p18: Immediately after Lord Clive's death in 1774, an inventory of the menagerie at Claremont revealed the presence of a 'Zebra and foal ... The first zebra to be seen in this country arrived in 1762 and was kept at Queen Charlotte's menagerie at Buckingham Gate. This animal was moved to the Tower of London in 1765.
Hartmann's Mountain Zebra
Equus zebra hartmannae Matschie, 1898
Feb 1929* London Zoo magazine, May 1936 (Vol. 1, No. 1).

Tapiridae Gray, 1821

Taxon Date Location Notes
Malayan Tapir
Tapirus indicus Desmarest, 1819
Jul 1921* London Flower (1929) p256: A female born in the Gardens 14 July, 1921, was reared. This animal was named Sue.
Brazilian Tapir
Tapirus terrestris (Linnaeus, 1758)
Feb 1882 London Flower (1929) p256: Three born in the Gardens, on 12 Feb. 1882, 22 May, 1883, and 6 Oct. 1909, respectively. First imported into this country in 1828.

Rhinocerotidae Gray, 1821

Taxon Date Location Notes
Southern White Rhinoceros
Ceratotherium simum simum (Burchell, 1817)
Jun 1971
Jan 1973
[1] Zoological Society of London Annual Report 1971, p17: A young male White Rhino was born on 23rd June to an animal which was already pregnant before leaving South Africa in July 1970. This animal was named Mazinda and was sent to Alexandria Zoo, Egypt in July 1973.
[2] Zoological Society of London Annual Report 1973, p18: The enterprising decision to import a large herd of White Rhinos from the wild in Natal to Whipsnade in 1970 ... earned its reward during 1973 with the birth of two young which were conceived at Whipsnade. This animal was named Mungo and was sent to Beijing Zoo, China in December 1974.
Sumatran Rhinoceros
Dicerorhinus sumatrensis (Fischer, 1814)
Dec 1872† London docks Rookmaaker (1998) p144: Born to a female in transit on board the steamer Orchis ... It lived just two weeks. The mother was owned by the dealer Rice and had arrived from Singapore; mother and calf were housed at Rice's stables and the mother was later shipped to the USA.
Black Rhinoceros
Diceros bicornis (Linnaeus, 1758)
Aug 1958 Bristol Warin and Warin (1985) p53: Roger, was born in 1958 and was the first African black rhinoceros born in the United Kingdom. Roger was transferred to Chester Zoo in March 1960 where he lived until his death in June 1980.
Indian Rhinoceros
Rhinoceros unicornis Linnaeus, 1758
Oct 1957 Whipsnade Zoological Society of London Report of the Council and Auditors for 1957 (picture caption): "Mohini" the Great Indian Rhinoceros with her daughter "Mohinja", born on the 29th October 1957. Only one other example of this species has been reared in captivity [at Basel in 1956]. Mohinja was transferred to Milwaukee Zoo in June 1959 (along with a male born at Basel) and lived there until her death in 1975.