Didelphidae Gray, 1821

Didelphinae Gray, 1821

Taxon Date Location Notes
Virginia Opossum
Didelphis virginiana Kerr, 1792
ca.1844*† Knowsley Woolfall (1990) p12.
Brown Four-eyed Opossum
Metachirus nudicaudatus (E. Geoffroy, 1803)
Jul 1956E London Zoological Society of London Report of the Council and Auditors for 1956, p32: It is probable that these were already in the mother's pouch on arrival.
This species is also known as the Rat-tailed Opossum.
Grey Short-tailed Opossum
Monodelphis domestica (Wagner, 1842)
1986E London Zoological Society of London Annual Report 1986-1987, p26.