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Most of the books listed below are in the English Language,but please advise us of any important non-English books that could be added to the list.

2007. Lets Grootsch & Buitengewoons. 150 jaar Rotterdamse Diergaarde. Bow Print International BV. 304 pp. (in Dutch).
Rotterdam Zoo, Netherlands.

 2008. ACKERMAN, DIANE. The Zookeeper's Wife. Old Street Publishing Ltd., London. Hb. 368 pp.
First published in the USA by W.W. Norton & Co. Inc. in 2007. When Germany invaded Poland in 1939, Stuka bombers devastated the city of Warsaw and the zoo along with it. Most of the animals were killed. Zookeepers Jan and Antonina Zabinski gave rescued Jews and resistance fighters shelter in the empty animal cages. 16 b/w photos.
2008. ANDÊREROVÁ, ROMANA. Historie Zoo Praha. Prague Zoo Praha. 96 pp. (in Czech).
Prague Zoo, Czech Republic.

2007. ANTHONY, LAWRENCE with SPENCE, GRAHAM. Babylon's Ark: The Incredible Wartime Rescue of the Baghdad Zoo. Thomas Dunne Books, an imprint of St. Martin's Press, New York. Pb. 248 pp.
In times of war, the animal casualties tend to be forgotten. The suffering of the animals in the Baghdad Zoo during the Iraq War is heart-rending - innocent victims caught up in the conflict. Working with members of the zoo staff and a few compassionate U.S. soldiers, Lawrence Anthony, in a stirring and ultimately inspirational account, does what he can to save the remaining animals. Colour plates.
1976. BATTEN, PETER. Living Trophies.
A graphic look at the shocking conditions then prevailing in certain American zoos.

2007. BENNER, IRIS. Geschichten aus dem Kölner Zoo. Emons Verlag. 160 pp. (in German)
Cologne Zoo, Germany.

1969. BERGGREN, SIGVARD. Berggren's Beasts.
Boras Zoo, Sweden.

1970. BRIDGES, WILLIAM. The New York Aquarium Book of the Water World.
New York Zoological Society.

1974. BRIDGES, WILLIAM. Gathering of Animals: An Unconventional History of the New York Zoological Society.
New York Zoological Society.

1990. BRUNS, BILL. A World of Animals. Arch Cape Press, New York. Hb. 288 pp.
A profusely illustrated (more than 300 photographs, almost all in colour) celebration of two of the most famous zoos in the world, namely the San Diego Zoo and its 1,800 acre sister facility, the San Diego Wild Animal Park. Foreword by Dr. Jane Goodall.

1974. BUCHENHOLZ, B. Doctor in the Zoo. David & Charles.
Bronx Zoo, New York.

2004. CHAN, NANCY R. A History of the San Francisco Zoo. Published by the San Francisco Zoo. Pb. 32 pp.
Northern California’s largest zoologist park owes its existence to a San Francisco philanthropist, one Herbert Fleishhacker, a banker and San Francisco Parks Commission president, who believed that no major city should be without a zoo. What began as one man’s vision in 1922 culminated in the opening of what was originally called the Fleishhacker Zoo in 1940. For a zoological institution with such a long and distinguished history, it’s a slim booklet commemorating it.

COLKER, RACHEL. The Pittsburgh Zoo: A 100-Year History. Hb. 128 pp.
2005. COX, CAROLYN. 100 Years at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. Published by Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium.
Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, Washington.

2012. EVANSVILLE ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY and WILLARD LIBRARY. A Pictorial History of Mesker Park Zoo. MT Publishing.

2010. FRENCH, THOMAS. Zoo Story: Life in the Garden of Captives. Hyperion Books. Pb. 292 pp.
Zoo Story is the story of Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo, written by a journalist who has frequently reported on events emerging from that zoo. The narrative style is very anecdotal, almost novel-esque in form with plenty of dialogue and flowery descriptions, but the author is keen to stress that everything in the book really happened, even if, on occasion, he is less than kind about some of the human characters in the story.

1956. HAGENBECK, LORENZ. Animals are My Life.

2010. HANNA, JACK. Jungle Jack: My Wild Life. Thomas Nelson (Publishers). Hb. 352 pp.
"Jungle Jack" is the completely revised and updated biography of one of America's most popular wildlife correspondents, Jack Hanna, who, as executive director of Columbus Zoo from 1978, put his stamp on what had, before he took up the reins there and set about transforming the place with zest and commitment, been an outdated, down-at-heel collection. He breathed new life into the zoo, replacing bare cages with habitats, and gave it back its self esteem.
2002. HANSON, ELIZABETH. Animal Attractions: Nature on Display in American Zoos. Princeton University Press, New Jersey, U.S.A. and Oxfordshire, U.K. Hb. 243 pp.
1954. HECK, LUTZ. Animals My Adventure. The Scientific Book Club, London. Hb.170 pp.
First published in Austria in 1952. B/w photos. 

1970. HEISS, L. Askania Nova: Animal Paradise in Russia. Bodley Head, London. Hb. 175 pp.
At over a million acres in area, Askania-Nova, in the Ukraine, is the largest open-air zoo in the world. The book, illustrated with sixty black-and-white photos, most never before published, portrays the founders of this remarkable zoo. Mrs Heiss gleaned much of her information from original documents and the detail is astonishing. B/w photos. 

 1977. JENKINS, C.F.H. The Noah's Ark Syndrome.
One hundred years of animal acclimatisation and zoo development in Australia.

2010. KAUFFELS, Dr. THOMAS. Der Zoo im Taunus. 50 Jahre Georg von Opel-Freigeheige. SocietätsVerlag. 175 pp. (in German).
Opel-Zoo Kronberg, Germany.

2003. KAWATA, K. New York's Biggest Little Zoo. A History of Staten Island Zoo. Kendall & Hunt Publishing. 193 pp. PDM.
Staten Island Zoo, New York.

2002. KEELING, C.H. Skyscrapers and Sealions. Clam Publications, Guildford, Surrey. Pb. 137 pp.
The germ of the idea about a book describing the history of New York's Central Park Zoo was planted in author Clinton Keeling's mind in 1984, but it was to be nearly twenty years before the idea came to fruition. Hitherto no one had had the nous to write a book on this subject before but it is quite surprising that Clinton Keeling eventually did so, given that all his previous books had been about British zoological gardens and he had never visited New York, much less set foot in Central Park.

1994. KOEBNER, LINDA. Zoo Book: The Evolution of Wildlife Conservation Centers. Tom Doherty Associates, Inc., New York. Hb. 192 pp.
Written in cooperation with the American Zoo and Aquarium Association (AZA), the Wildlife Conservation Society and nearly a dozen American zoos and prominent scientists, the rather unimaginatively titled ‘Zoo Book’ claims (falsely in my opinion) to be the ‘first inside, in-depth look at the inner workings of the modern-day zoo and the dynamically changing role of the zoo community as they re-orient themselves into global conservation leaders’. The Preface is by William Conway. Naturally the book takes an American prospective, as is clear from the subtitle with the Noah Webster spelling of ‘Centers’. Ms Koebner examines the history of zoos from the menageries of the Egyptian Pharaohs to the birth of the modern zoo and its gradual evolution into a focus for conservation efforts. She praises the work of AZA accredited zoos, laments the fact that (in 1994) only 10% of the 1,500 registered animal facilities in North America met the high standards of the Association, and is contemptuous of the countless roadside menageries that continue to subject their animals to shameful conditions. There are profiles of individual zoos, personnel, innovative zoo design, successful breeding programmes, and details of animal species saved from extinction by the work of zoos.

2009. LEONARD, MARY DELACH. Animals Always: 100 Years at the Saint Louis Zoo. University of Missouri Press. Hb. 208 pp. (192 pp. + prelims)
Saint Louis was the first city in the world to support its zoo through public taxes, and the zoo remains free to all visitors today. This is an attractive, glossy and colourful book designed to grace the coffee table. The book contains a plethora of vintage and more recent photographs. The text shows how far the zoo has come, from a standard collection of animals over a century ago to become a centre for education, research and conservation, and includes descriptions of some of its historic buildings and famous animal characters such as Phil the gorilla and Miss Jim the circus elephant. Instead of a straightforward telling of the story in a chronological way, from foundation to present-day, the author has divided the book into chapters dealing with specific animal groups: the elephants, the bears, primates, reptiles. There is a 'Time-Line' of the zoo's most important developments (an excellent idea in any book of this kind) and the final chapter (written by Jeffrey P. Bonner) tackles the subject of The Future of Zoos.
2011. MABERRY, MATTHEW. Packy and Me. Arnica Publishing.
The story of the first elephant conceived and born in an American zoo (in 1962 at the Portland Zoo, now called the Oregon Zoo), written by the vet responsible for the delivery of this animal. But more than just a book about a remarkable birth, it's about an era in zoo-keeping that is long-gone and, for this reason, should appeal to anyone with even the vaguest interest in zoo history.
1994. MARSHALL, ANTHONY D. Zoo: Profiles of 102 Zoos, Aquariums and Wildlife Parks in the United States. Random House, New York. Pb. 318 pp.
Contains brief histories of the zoos concerned, driving directions, the opening times, acreage, what each zoo is doing for conservation and education, what species it is renowned for, special attractions, whether it runs a membership scheme, and much else besides.

2009. MIECZYSŁAW, MICHALAK. Zwierzęta, Wroclawskiego Zoo. Drukarnia Proofini Sp.J. 63 pp. (picture book).
Wroclaw Zoo, Poland.

2012. MONTAGNANA-WALLACE, NEIL. 150 Years Melbourne Zoo. Bounce Books (Publisher). Hb & pb editions. 117 pp. + photo pages.

1994. NYHUIS, ALLEN W. The Zoo Book: A Guide to America's Best. Carousel Press, California. Pb. 277 pp.
Detailed descriptions of the top 53 U.S. zoos, with all the key information you would expect in a book of this kind (opening times, directions, viewing tips, etc.) and an emphasis on not-to-be-missed exhibits. Also includes information on smaller U.S. collections as well as the best zoos in Canada, Mexico, and other parts of the world. Illustrated with black-and-white photos.

2008. NYHUIS, ALLEN W. and WASSNER, JON. America's best Zoos: A Travel Guide for Fans and Families. The Intrepid Traveler (Publisher). Pb. 306 pp. Illustrated (b/w photos).
An updated edition of the above book. Describes in detail sixty of America's best zoos, highlighting some of the most noteworthy exhibits and the animals they contain. All the key information is here, including driving directions, opening times, and admission (2008) prices. Other sections look at attractions designed specifically 'for the kids' and exhibits which, when the book went to press, were still at the planning stage. Quite clearly, each zoo's entry in the book is written from the personal perspective of the authors, who are obviously very familiar with each zoo, and this is always a good thing. A very useful chapter pinpoints the best places to see the perennially popular animals (such as elephants and gorillas) and some of the lesser-known animals (such as tuataras and takins).

2010. PAGEL, THEO, RECKEWITZ, MARCUS and SPIESS, WILHELM. Der Kölner Zoo. Begeistert Für Tiere. J.P.Bachem Verlag. 251 pp. (in German).
Cologne Zoo, Germany.

1903. PEEL, C.V.A. The Zoological Gardens of Europe.

2012. PETZOLD DIRK and SORGE, SILKE. Abenteur Zoo. Publ. by Leopold Stocker.
Descriptions of about 500 German wildlife attractions and almost 100 Austrian and Swiss collections, with some space devoted to the more important collections of Sweden, Norway and the U.K. Numerous colour photos.

1974. POULSEN, OLGA and PARBST, ERIK. Copenhagen Zoo: The World of Animals and Us.
Date? Zoos and Aquariums in the Americas 1924–1974. AAZPA.

2004. ROBINSON, PHILLIP T. Life at the Zoo: Behind the Scenes with the Animal Doctors. Columbia University Press.
2003. ROSENTHAL, MARK and TAUBER, CAROL and UHLIR, EDWARD. The Ark in the Park: The Story of Lincoln Park Zoo. University of Illinois Press. Pb. 194 pp.
The title is hardly original or imaginative (frankly I'm getting more than a little tired of zoos continually using the Ark/Noah analogy) but otherwise it's a very well researched, authoritative, history of what is a Chicago treasure and one of the oldest and most popular zoos in America, written by three authors who know it well (Rosenthal and Tauber have both worked there, the former as Curator of Large Mammals, the latter as public relations director). Combines archival materials, fascinating photographs, and oral histories to tell the story of a zoo that dates back to 1868 when the Lincoln Park Commissioners were sent the gift of two pairs of swans). Also touches on the wider story of the growth of American zoos in general. Illustrated on almost every page with mostly black and white photos and a few colour ones.
1990. RUFF, ANN. Texas Zoos & Animal Parks. Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas, Texas. Pb. 158 pp.
And not just Texas but also takes a peek over the border at some of the animal collections of New Mexico, Oklahoma and Louisiana. This is one of a series of travel guides, the Roadrunner Guides, to cover the Lone Star State. Other guides in the series include Texas Recration, Texas Flea Markets and Great Texas Getaways. Over thirty animal collections and ranches are covered. Some are world famous, such as the Dallas Zoo, Dallas Aquarium, and Gladys Porter Zoo, while I confess many others are completely new to me. Quite a bit of detail including address and location, whether an admission fee is charged or not, hours of o0pening, area, number of species and specimens, and amenities (telling us such nuggets of information as, for example, the fact that the Liles Safari Ranch has a soda machine) . Several pages of write-up on each place but no illustrations. As the book says in its Introduction, "So grab your guide and your camera and have a roaring good time!"

1995. RYAN, JERRY. The Forgotten Aquariums of Boston. The New England Aquarium (publisher).
For description, see 2nd edition below.
2002. RYAN, JERRY. The Forgotten Aquariums of Boston. Finley Aquatic Books, Pascoag, R.I., U.S.A., 2nd. rev. edition. Pb. 96 pp.
The first edition of this book was released in a very limited printing and sold out quickly. Subsequently a greatly expanded second edition was made available. This well-researched volume examines the history of public aquaria in 19th and early 20th century Boston, beginning with the 1859 opening of the Boston "Aquarial Gardens", the world's first fully dedicated (i.e. not connected with any other organisation, as, for example, London Zoo's Fish House was) public aquarium. Coverage is also given to the aquarium inhabitants of the time with special emphasis, and new information, on early experiences with captive Beluga whales. The book is well illustrated with 30 figures composed primarily of orginal advertisements of the time. In addition, there are thirteen pages of original detailed handbills of the time.
2002. SCHEIER, JOAN. The Central Park Zoo. Arcadia Publishing. Pb. 128 pp.
Part of a series entitled Images of America, this is a pictorial portrait of New York's famous Central Park Zoo written and compiled by someone who grew up going to the zoo and is familiar with its every facet. Captions to the photos provide an illustrative look at the three distinct phases, from the original impromptu menagerie of the 1860s, through the new zoo of 1934, to the conservation orientated place that replaced it in 1988 under the auspices of the Wildlife Conservation Society.

2006. SCHURER, ULRICH. 125 Jahre Zoologischer Garten Wuppertal. Sutton Verlag GMBH.   (TM)

1970. SEGET, JOSEF. The Zoo in Pictures.
A profusely illustrated and beautiful introduction on European zoological gardens.

1999. TOFTS, RUSSELL. Kenkay and Colobus: A Tourist in Ghana. Basset Books, Cambridge. Pb. 144 pp.
It is, perhaps, an indulgence to include this, my first published book, in this listing since it is mainly about a trip I made to Ghana in 1998 to look at animals in the wild. However, it merits its place here because one chapter deals with the zoos of Ghana.

2009. WINKLER, ACHIM.  75 Jahre Zoo am Kaiserburg. Vom  Duisburg Tierpark zum Zoo Duisburg. Schüling Verlag. 187 pp. (in German).
Duisburg Zoo, Germany.
Date? ZABINSKA, ANTONINA. Life at the Zoo.
An autobiographical children's book looking at the author's career working at Warsaw Zoo.

2003. A Conversation with Marvin Jones. Publ. by the Milwaukee County Zoo. Pb. 69 pp.  
An extended interview with the meticulous archivist of zoo data. Preface by Mark Rosenthal and Ken Kawata. Foreword by Clayton F. Freiheit.