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International Zoo Yearbooks

1960 – Present. VARIOUS EDITORS. International Zoo Yearbook. 48 Volumes.
A well established and much respected medium for the exchange of information amongst zoos. The first editors were Dr. Desmond Morris and Caroline Jarvis. The basic format was established from the very first volume. Each volume is divided into three sections (Specialist Subject, New Developments in the Zoo World/The Developing Zoo World, and a general reference section). The Special Subjects have occasionally been revisited after an interval of several years. For many years the Yearbook was available in both hardbound and paperback versions but from 2006 (volume 40) has been in paperback only, and the price (£206 sterling for the latest edition) means it is an expensive purchase out of reach of many of the people who would enjoy and benefit from it. Its claim to be an indispensable reference book for 'much data unobtainable elsewhere' is indisputable, but later editions of the Yearbook have drifted away from the ‘annual review of zoos’ concept, containing far fewer articles about new developments in the zoo world, and have dropped the annual breeding lists and ‘Census of Rare Animals in Captivity’ that, for many subscribers, were two of the most interesting features. At the same time the books have steadily become more technical and consequently do not make such interesting reading as once they did. It is sad to witness the much loved IZYB become just another scientific journal. Volumes 1 & 2 and 5–39 were published by the Zoological Society of London as a non-profit service to zoos around the world (volumes 3 & 4 were published for the ZSL by Hutchinson & Co. Ltd., London); since volume 40 the books have been published on behalf of the ZSL by
Wiley-Blackwell Publishing, an academic publishing house based in Oxford. Early volumes are out-of-print, but second-hand copies can occasionally be found. All editions are available online for a fee.

Edition Year *
Specialist Subjects PagesEditors**

1 1960
Apes in Captivity 
2 1961 Elephants, Hippopotamuses and Rhinoceroses in Captivity
3 1962 Small Mammals in Captivity 322CJ/DM
4 1963 Aquatic Exhibits in Zoos and Aquaria
5 1965 Ungulates in Captivity 430CJ
6 1966 Nutrition of Animals in Captivity 503CJ
7 1967 Penguins in Captivity 410CJ
8 1968 Canids and Felids in Captivity 414CJ
9 1969 Amphibians and Reptiles in Captivity 336JL
10 1970 Birds of Prey in Captivity 372JL
11 1971 Marsupials in Captivity 386JL
12 1972 South American Primates in Captivity 416JL/NDH
13 1973 Waterfowl in Captivity 423NDH
14 1974 Trade and Transport of Animals 456NDH
15 1975 Small Mammals in Captivity 463NDH
16 1976 Principles of Zoo Animal Feeding 484PO
17 1977 Breeding Endangered Species in Captivity 392PO
18 1978 Penguins 462PO
19 1979 Reptiles 450PO
20 1980 Breeding Endangered Species in Captivity 521PO
21 1981 Zoo Display and Information Techniques
22 1982 New World Primates
23 1984 Birds of Prey 395PO
24/25 1986 Breeding Endangered Species in Captivity 651
26 1987 Aquatic Exhibits 582PO
27 1988 Conservation Science and Zoos 501PO/PE/BS
28 1989 Reptiles and Amphibians 557PO/PE
29 1990 Horticulture in Zoos
30 1991 Invertebrates 580PO/PE
31 1992 Australasian Fauna
32 1993 Ungulates
33 1994
Aquatic Birds
34 1995 Aquariums 549PO/FF
35 1997 Felids 543PO/FF
36 1998 Old World Primates 671PO/FF
37 2000 Psittacines 450PO/FF
38 2003 Zoo Challenges: Past, Present and Future 413PO/FF
39 2005 Zoo Animal Nutrition 402FF
40 2006 Elephants and Rhinoceroses 533FF
41 2007 Animal Health and Conservation 468FF
42 2008 Amphibian Conservation 467FF
43 2009 Sustainability of Activities in Zoos and Aquariums 499FF
44 2010 Bears and Canids
45 2011 Research in Zoos 492
46 2012 New World Primates 495
47 2013Freshwater Fishes and their Conservation

2014Avian Challenges
448 + index
2015Reptile Conservation
2016  FF
 Reintroductions and other Conservation Translocations
522018 Conservation of Great Apes

BS        Benedict Sommerfelt
CJ        Caroline Jarvis
DM      Desmond Morris
FF        Fiona Fiskin
JL        Joseph Lucas
NDH   Nicole Duplaix-Hall
PE        Pat Ellis
PO       Peter Olney

*  The year the book was first published, not necessarily the same as that printed on the spine or front cover.
**From Vol. 39, the position has been known as Managing Editor.