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The Last Great Wild Beast Show is generally thought of as being anti-zoo propaganda, and one of its authors, the late Stefan Ormrod, is now remembered as a man who started in zoos but then seemingly turned against them. But in fact many of the arguments levelled against zoos in the book were perfectly valid in 1978 (and, to a lesser extent, some still are). Messrs Jordan and Ormrod’s criticisms are, more often than not, constructive, not destructive. But above all, they are fair. For example, I completely agree with the authors that a zoo’s souvenir shop should stock only merchandise that bears a relationship to the natural history theme, and not, as one does sometimes see, toy cars, kites, footballs, costume jewellery, and other such rubbish. Whereas the authors were generally opposed to safari parks and what they called the ‘commercial’ zoos (in other words, privately-owned animal collections, not acknowledging that all zoos, to a greater or lesser extent, have to be commercial to survive), they were unstinting in their support of such places as Howletts, Marwell, Port Lympne, Twycross, and Phillip Wayre’s Norfolk Wildlife Park, whilst Jersey (where Mr Ormrod was once Curator of Mammals) was singled out for special praise. 21 pages of illustrations including frontispiece.

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A collection of academic papers first presented at a workshop held in Atlanta, Georgia, in March 1992 discussing in some detail such complex ethical subjects as animal welfare, the acquisition of animals, captive breeding, genetics, reintroduction, and the future of zoos. A total of twenty-seven zoologists, biologists, conservationists, and the like, contributed essays. Arguably a bit too technical for the general reader but a valuable addition to the canon. A single monochrome photograph of a Mexican Topminnow has contrived to slip in (it’s there to demonstrate ‘The Nature of Individuality’), but otherwise the book contains no illustrations. A lone fish in an ocean of text seems out of place.