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Breslau Zoo Communications and transfers with the UK Elephant from London in 1873 - Hans Honigman worked in London / Dudley 1930s 
Pring Was there a Pring as well as Tring? They supplied birds to Waddesdon Manor when their aviary first opened in 1889 
Private zoological collections Has there ever been a master list? There were such lists for France 
Mareth the lion Did he breed? Born London Zoo 30.1.1943. Sold 14.3.1945 to Sir Garrard Tyrwhitt. Army mascot. 
William Almond Further background requested by 3rd Great Granddaughter Worked at the Regent Zoo in 1851 and in the 1861 census was keeper of the animals 
Earliest aviairies still in use Where are they and who built them? Many seem associated to grand houses or city parks 
The Scottish Zoo as run by Bostock & Wombwell Many guidebooks seem to have been produced but very few remain in circulation A sales catalogue is also known 
Walworth Zoo Any information or pictures The local council and friends have produced some excellent display boards 
Whittington menagerie? What stock did they have We have identified kangaroo cat as springhare, tiger wolf as thylacine, silver beer as Syrian brown bear and axus as axis deer but what was "the figgary" 
World War 2 Zoo life during World War 2 Newquay Zoo events and an article published in Bartlett Society Journal 
Sheep colours Research on the genetics of coat colour in sheep We already know of Shanghai and Hu being crossed with UK domestics 
Sansui Aquarium What happened to Sansui Aquarium? Waterlife Centre situated on the A4 into London near Heathrow and was used to train divers in World War 2 
Dolphinariums which existed in Belgium and Luxembourg Any information and or pictures Gie has published some findings in International Zoo News 
Bideford Zoo We have no plan of the layout Now a housing estate but the house remains 
Bird of Paradise in Europe Early examples and drawings Paper already publshed (Croatia) 
Yaks in Europe Where did the originals come from? Vienna, Antwerp, London and Knowsley were early collections 
Simba (the very large lion) Can his body be confirmed through records? Last seen in an antique shop in Cardiff  
Gulleries Any information and or pictures Edmund Saul Dixon "The Dovecote and the Aviary" (1851); William Thomas Greene "British Birds for Cages and Aviaries" (1899) 
Travelling menageries Assorted Any information is appreciated 
Chester Zoo are missing some early annual reports 5th 1939; 7th 1941; 8th 1942; 10th 1945; 1952; 1955 Reports were produced throughout the war 
First breeding records for mammals in the UK and Eire Additional sources of information sought This project is now published see Projects 
Eugene Granat (Stepaside Bird and Animal Park) Who was he? He had worked as a zoologist in Africa, South America and Asia. He gave shows of crocodile taming 
Oxford Zoo guidebooks How many versions are there? We have only seen the 2nd and 7th editions 
Canadian Eskimo Dog in the UK Where did the UK stock originate from? London Zoo had some on opening in 1828 but from where 
Whitson Zoo Will this former zoo site receive recognition? (a sign) No plans that we are aware of 
Leonardo Fea (Italian zoologist) His family are researching him Mike Grayson's "Who's Who" 
Thomas Bewick (wood engraver) Tracing hand bills relating to Gilbert Pidcock and his travelling Menagerie Couple of examples found 
Dolphins & whales of Clacton pier Additional material always welcome https://www.dolphin-art.co.uk/clacton-dolphins 
Bob Humphrys (London Zoo Insect House) He worked early 40s till the mid 80s In addition to the DVD by Granada TV dated 1964 
Torquay Aqualand When and why did Torquay Aqualand close? Best guess we have is 1992 
The Bartlett Family Tracing existing family members Several now in contact 
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